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Jason T Morris, CFP®

Jason T Morris, CFP®

I am Jason T. Morris, CFP®, Founder & President of MentorWealth.

Families need someone who they truly trust to help them navigate their financial lives.

Unfortunately, most people are not getting what they deserve from current financial advisers. The traditional “financial advice” model is usually just a sales vehicle to push products onto people like you.  The laws continue to be tilted towards the salesman, and frankly, it is a mess.

I started MentorWealth to be different – to be a genuine champion for my clients.

I am a true fiduciary – ethically, professionally, and legally – bound to serve in my client’s interests at all times!

My only business is helping people like you improve and enrich their lives. I am only compensated for my advice.

Put simply, I want to help my clients realize the lives that they were truly meant to live.

I look forward to meeting you!


The Process

What is the real value of a financial plan if it doesn’t inspire you to charge into the future and fulfill your dreams?

My financial planning process aims to inspire clients to live their very own meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Aligning your money with your innermost values enables you to begin building a life filled with greater meaning & purpose.

As a result, you begin to live your best life.

E - Exploration

This is the introductory phase where we get to know each other better and gain key insights into what is most important to you in your life.

V - Vision

The inspirational phase where your truest life goals are defined and clarified, you are feeling energized and motivated, and are ready to take on life.

O - Obstacles

The phase where we identify and tackle all of the obstacles to your dreams, and begin resolving them methodically, one-by-one.

K - Knowledge

Because you are working with a CFP® Pro, I’ve got you covered for this phase.  In this phase, I help you organize and define the Financial Life Plan that step by step will help you realize the vision of your very best life.

E- Execution

The final phase where you take action on each step outlined in your Financial Life Plan until they are all completed, and you are living out your Plan. Proper execution of all steps outlined in any Financial Life Plan is critical to success.

Lighting The Torch

Put simply, when we clearly define a future that is truly aligned with our most cherished values, we experience this amazing burst of inspiration. We call this Lighting the Torch, and it illuminates your path forward and gives you an enormous sense of purpose and mission.

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